About Us / Corporate Overview


CUBATIC GROUP brings the portfolio of quality with a ‘go green’ motto by enhancing productivity not only to maximize profits but to gain customer satisfaction. More than 30 years of strong, customer focused approach and continuous quest for world class quality have enabled us to attain leadership in all our projects and endeavors. Cubatic Group also aims at the development of the II tire cities and other towns apart from Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore. This conscious decision for developments in II tire and III tire cites is due to their strong connections with these places and the want to reach out to a larger section of people.

Our Group believes in providing all dimensional spaces like Residential, Retail, Recreational and Leisure, reaching out to all segments of people. Our Group not only believes in construction of spaces , but also looks after the maintenance of them. Hence we have our own individual division of maintenance facility.

Our Association with M/S.HAWTHORNE (USA) is one of our initiative to have international presence. Our association with this company is to provide world class quality with a customer satisfaction centered approach to sustain in all its lines of business.